Pino & Barreda Abogados offers a labour consultancy service for individuals, resolving the problems they face on a daily basis in their labour relations as employees or self-employed workers.

We defend your interests and advise you on the best strategies and legal options open to you to defend your rights. We provide advice and assistance before any body dependent on the Labour and Social Security Administration and before all instances of the labour courts, in defence of your interests.

The Firm specialises in advising on the legal issues related to the hiring or termination of special employment relationships for senior management personnel.



In the event of dismissal, regardless of the cause, we advise you on the best strategy for your defence, and will assist you in bringing the legal proceedings that best suit your interests.


Our team has extensive experience in the management of different degrees of incapacity for work, providing advice both on the initial application to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and on the presentation, where appropriate, of the preliminary administrative claim and the subsequent filing of legal proceedings with legal assistance before all instances of the labour courts.

Harassment at work

We provide advice on situations specially protected by our legal system in the field of mobbing, sexual harassment and harassment on the grounds of sex, advising on the best defence strategies against such conduct and on compensation for the moral damages and harm suffered as a result of such conduct.

Accident at work

In the event of an accident at work, we provide legal advice and assistance on any compensation claims you may be entitled to, including the surcharge for benefits before the Social Security Administration (INSS) or the labour courts if applicable.

Wage arrears

We advise you on the options open to you in the event of non-payment or arrears of agreed wages or any other amount owed by the company.

Modification of working conditions

We are experts in advising on possible claims in the event of a substantial modification in the working conditions of the employment contract.


We provide individual or collective advice to workers affected by ERES and ERTES, assisting them both in negotiations with the company and in the processing of any benefits to which they may be entitled.

Employment contract

We advise and assist you on the best conditions of access to your new job, negotiation of clauses or revision of the contract in force, ensuring legality.

Senior Management Contracts

We offer specialised legal advice in the drafting and negotiation of senior management contracts, special agreements, golden parachute clauses, non-competition and permanence clauses, severance pay, representation and travel expenses, variable remuneration, as well as in the termination of these contracts.

Labour court proceedings

We provide legal advice and assistance in all types of legal proceedings before any instance of the labour and administrative courts. We draw up the necessary legal documents, draft lawsuits, appeals and other formalities.

Pension and retirement

We advise you on the best strategies for your retirement, we advise you on the different alternatives for anticipating or extending your working life and we help you to process your pension with the competent body.

Work permits and benefits (maternity leave, leave of absence, etc.)

We advise you on the requirements and formalities for applying for them.

Review of severance payments and settlements after termination of employment

When your contract is terminated, we help you to check your settlement and severance payments.

Claims before the Wage Guarantee Fund (FOGASA)

We advise you and handle claims before the Wage Guarantee Fund (FOGASA) regarding wages and compensation.

Claims before the Social Security (INSS)

We advise you and deal with any application for benefits and claims before the National Social Security Institute.


We provide comprehensive advice to the self-employed in relation to compliance with the labour and Social Security regulations applicable to them in the exercise of their professional or commercial activity.