Pino & Barreda Abogados is a top Spanish Law Firm for Labour, Employment & Social Security Law. Our team has a broad business vision and consolidated experience to support the Management and the Labour Relations and Human Resources departments in all matters related to personnel management, Labour Law and Social Security.

We offer recurring legal-labour advice to large companies and SMEs, enabling them to efficiently manage their labour obligations. We delve into the particularities of the sector and strategies of our clients’ business model, which allows us to integrate ourselves into their activity.

The Firm has consolidated its leading position thanks to its commitment to a personalised approach and to establishing permanent communication channels that guarantee its agility, providing an immediate response to the issues that arise in day-to-day business.


Our comprehensive consultancy services for companies are backed by extensive experience in labour law practice, interventions before the different instances of the labour courts and by our actions before the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

Comprehensive personnel management services in the field of HR (Payroll, Recruitment and Social Security procedures):

Advice to the Labour Relations and Human Resources departments on the different ordinary forms of recruitment, drafting of special clauses and formalisation of contracts, processing of registrations and cancellations, preparation of payrolls and social security settlements, applications for subsidies, advice on Social Security benefits and settlements on tax matters relating to personal income tax withholdings from payrolls. Study, advice and processing of deferrals and payment in instalments of social security contributions.

Permanent legal and employment advice

Permanent legal advice to the company on labour and social security matters and representation before the bodies of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

Employment Contracts

We advise companies on the different types of employment contracts, incorporating the most suitable clauses according to their business model, sector and territory.

Senior Management

We offer specialised legal advice in the drafting of senior management contracts, negotiation of special agreements, golden parachute clauses, non-competition, permanence and variable remuneration. We also provide legal advice and defence in contract termination procedures.

Litigation practice

Assumption of the legal management of legal proceedings before all instances of the labour, civil or administrative courts (Courts of First Instance, High Courts of Justice, National High Court, Supreme Court, Constitutional Court…) with drafting of pleadings, legal assistance and defence at any stage of the proceedings.

Collective Bargaining Agreements and Company Agreements

We participate in collective bargaining negotiations representing the interests of our clients before the Legal Representation of Workers and Trade Union Associations. We mediate in collective disputes arising within the company.

Prevention of occupational risk

We advise on compliance with regulations on Health and Safety at Work. We review the correct implementation of preventive obligations by the company and provide technical assistance in the defence of our clients’ interests in proceedings brought by the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate.

Remuneration systems and stock option plans

Advice and assistance in the implementation of variable remuneration systems, flexible remuneration, equity participation, compensation and loyalty.

Supplementary social welfare systems

We advise on labour law aspects relating to the application, modification and cancellation of social security systems and pension commitments.

Company restructuring (ERTE, ERE or objective dismissals):

We offer comprehensive advice on the adoption of collective or individual employment measures relating to the termination of employment contracts (objective dismissals or ERE), temporary lay-offs – ERTE Fuerza Mayor and ERTE ETOP -, geographical mobility, functional mobility, company succession, insolvency proceedings, substantial modification of working conditions and suspension of contracts.

Social Security

We have extensive experience in defending the interests of our clients before the Social Security authorities. We offer legal advice, resolution of queries, deferral of contributions and management of procedures in relation to any aspect of compliance with the regulations in this area.

Protocols of conduct and investigations into moral, sexual and gender-based harassment.

We advise on the drafting of protocols on workplace, sexual and gender-based harassment. We participate in the internal actions of the companies in the investigation of the facts reported and in the drafting of reports as a result of the activation of these protocols, forming an active part of the commissions set up for this purpose.

Equality plans and training

We advise and intervene in the negotiation and implementation of equality plans, from the constitution of the negotiating table to the final drafting of the Plan and its registration with the competent labour authority.

Equal pay

Within the legal framework of the principle of equal pay, we draw up the company’s wage register and provide advice in cases where a pay gap is detected.

Insourcing and outsourcing processes

We advise on outsourcing and insourcing processes, participating in the design of the strategy, negotiation with workers’ representatives and supervision of the implementation procedures.

Mergers and acquisitions

We participate in corporate reorganisation processes from a legal and labour perspective, determining the labour effects in the context of corporate mergers and acquisitions. We advise on subrogations and provide solutions for the standardisation of working conditions for the entire workforce affected by this type of measure.

Labour audits

We carry out labour compliance processes, auditing the regulatory compliance of companies or business units, with the aim of detecting contingencies and concluding with the preparation of a legal-labour due diligence report.

Company policy and codes of ethics

We participate in the design and drafting of company codes of ethics and their general application policy, in areas such as the use of IT tools, money laundering, confidentiality, data protection, etc.

International secondment of employees

Advice on all aspects related to the expatriation of employees or the immigration of executives in companies established in Spain in legal, social and administrative matters.

Relations with workers' representatives

We act in the daily monitoring of relations between the company and the workers’ union representatives, intervening as interlocutors and/or assisting the company in the event of any conflict. We develop strategies to promote optimal relations between the parties.

Advice on elections of workers' representatives and relations with trade unions

We assist companies in their obligations in trade union election processes and advise them in cases of challenges before the competent labour or judicial authority.