Pino & Barreda Abogados - Asesoría jurídico laboral

Manuel Pino Cruz

Founding President

Graduate in Labour Relations, Graduate in Law and Master’s Degree in Corporate Legal Consultancy at ICADE. He has been practising as a lawyer and labour relations specialist in Madrid, as a founding partner of the firm Pino & Barreda Abogados, since 1986.

For 12 years he has been Vice-President of the Illustrious College of Labour Relations Graduates of Madrid. He is a mediator for the Interconfederal Mediation and Arbitration Service and a member of the Labour Affairs Committee of CEIM Confederación Empresarial de Madrid – CEOE.

In the field of civil society, he is a founding member and member of the Executive Committee of the Civil Society Forum and Vice-President of the Spanish Liberal Club.